Do you need an SSL Certificate?

By themisfit on October 16, 2021

There are several details to take into consideration when preparing to build and to managing your website. Many of the considerations seem minor - especially if your in a hurry to launch your website - but, there’s no room to cut corners you website.

If you plan on collecting any form of data (name, email address, phone number) from you visitors, you absolutely need to have one.

When you have an SSL certificate, all data that you collect on your website (names, email addresses, phone numbers and more) is encrypted. This means that all of this information is completely unreadable without your websites unique  decryption key.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL means "secure sockets layer." SSL certificates are tiny files that confirm the identity of your site. When you go to a website with SSL, you'll see a shut lock icon beside its link as well as "https" in the URL itself.

SSL certificates are provided by certification authorities, and there are many different providers to select from. Every one will certainly confirm the identification of an individual or business prior to issuing a certification, and they all supply comparable protections to your site visitors.

Basically, having an SSL certification shields sensitive information collected by your website as well as makes certain that client info can't be hacked or stolen.

SSL certificate adds security to your website.

Does your site need an SSL certificate?

The short answer is YES! The long answer is YES! SSL certifications protect customer information. Even if your website does not gather any kind of details from your visitors, you need an SSL certificate.

This is because back in 2014, Google announced that it was making site security a signal for ranking websites in search.

This means that if you and a competitor are offering the same product and have similar domain authorities, they could outrank you simply because they have a secure website and you don’t.

How much does and SSL certificate cost?

There is good news here, most web hosting companies provide a free Let's Excrypt SSL certificate with every website you host. These certificates provide enough protection for most websites, but if you are running a membership site or a e-commerce website you may want to go with a wild card SSL, which offers some liability protection from $10,000-$2 million.

Need help securing your website?

At Misfit Media Web Design, we hear people often ask us, "How do i get the little lock icon for my website?" This is a legitimate question. We offer web design and web maintenance packages that always have your websites security as one of our top priorities.

If your looking to have a new website built or have a current site redesigned, we're here for you.

Please contact us at 236-795-9078 or contact us through our website.

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